Best Practices For Choosing Job Board Sources


When using Upward, you can use the Upward post to automatically optimize your job distribution to over 100 sites across the Internet or choose specific premium sites that you want to dedicate your budget to. Here’s how to decide what is best for you.

The Upward Post

When you sponsor a post on Upward, you are featuring the job on Upward’s website which receives over a million applications per month. It is immediately highlighted at the top of the relevant search results on Upward’s website. In addition, job alerts are sent out via email and text to job seekers that have registered to receive job alerts from Upward (we send out over 1 million alerts each day).

In addition, your job is cross-posted to Upward’s network of job sites. Upward partners with over 100 job sites and uses your job title and its descriptions to properly place the job post in front of the most relevant audiences.This takes away the hassle of needing to sign up for different job sites individually and the Upward algorithm chooses where to send your job. If you are looking to hire for a restaurant, Upward will tailor which sites to cross-post your job so that you are getting your job in front of job seekers looking for restaurant work.

Premium Sites In The Upward Network

Because we know some of you like to “do-it yourself,” we allow you to specify which job sites you want to spend your budget on. There are two types of premium sites available in the Upward network.

  1. Those that are included in the Upward Post
  2. Those that only support duration based job posts (and are not included in the Upward Post).

The premium sites that are included in the Upward Post are:

  • ZipRecruiter: One of the most popular sites for job seekers so you will get access to plenty of additional potential candidates.
  • Monster: One of the longest running job board sources, it has a global audience and large body of viewership.
  • Diversity and Veterans job boards: These are specific to these groups if you are looking for a more diverse candidate pool.

In addition to these premium sites, Upward distributes your jobs to another 100 job sites behind the scenes. We don’t list out every site in our network because our customers have shared with us that it is overly complicated to choose from all 100 job sites. So, this is our way of meeting in the middle!

The sites that only support duration based job posts are:

  • Craigslist: This will make your job available on Craigslist for up to 30 days
  • Snagajob: This site is designed for those looking for hourly work.
  • Poached: Post jobs directly to one of the largest job boards for restaurants and hospitality.
  • Glassdoor: As a part of Indeed, this is one of the first and largest sites where people can review jobs and companies.

NOTE: If you want your job to be distributed to these job sites, you must choose them specifically.

Why Choose Premium Job Sites That Are Not Included In The Upward Post

You should choose Craigslist, Snagajob, Poached or Glassdoor if you want to be sure that your job gets in front of their audience – usually based either on your personal experience (“I know Craigslist consistently generates qualified candidates”) or because you are looking for some variety in your candidate flow (“I wonder if Poached would give me some different line cook candidates”).

When you choose these sources, we automatically send your job to them within a few hours for inclusion in their search results. When candidates see your post and apply, their application is routed the same way as your Upward job posts (either using our free ATS or sending the job seeker to your ATS). This saves you time and allows you to compare candidates from different sources.

Why Choose Premium Sites Included In The Upward Post

Although they are included in the Upward post, you may choose a premium post with Ziprecruiter or Monster because you want to make sure that a specific budget amount is spent on that site. For example, if you choose the default $100 Upward post, this is spread out across our network. If you want to be sure that you are getting enough exposure on Ziprecruiter or Monster because you have had good results, it makes sense to buy a premium post.

We encourage our clients to experiment with different posting strategies so that they can feel confident they are getting the best results. We don’t believe there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach, so we have designed our product with flexibility in mind. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team – we’re here to help!

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