Buying Job Posts On Upward and Sending Traffic To Your ATS


We designed Upward’s product so that you can maximize the distribution of your job postings across the Internet and gather the best pool of candidates to fill your position. In addition to job distribution, Upward provides a free ATS that allows you to track and communicate with applicants.

However, you may already have your own ATS that offers lots of business features and want applicants to apply directly into your ATS so that you can use your normal hiring process. With Upward, you can set up your job to use your own ATS and optimize performance with tracking technology.

Option #1: Having Users Apply Directly In Your ATS

If you would like users to apply directly in your ATS, the first step is to contact Upward sales or support ( to request authorization to do so. For security reasons, we need to enable your account to “use a 3rd party ATS.” Once you are authorized, you will see a field labeled “Job Destination” under the job description text box. Simply copy and paste the URL to the job detail page on your ATS.

Once you do this, when a job seeker sees your job title and short description listed on one of our results pages, in an email, etc, they will go directly to your ATS. Linking to your own ATS from Upward keeps all of your candidates in your system and can allow you to seamlessly transition from job post to hire.

If you would like to use your own ATS, we highly recommend that you place an Upward conversion pixel on the application submission page on your site. This sends data back to our system when an application occurs and allows us to see which job sites or modes of traffic (email, text, etc) are resulting in applications. Knowing that allows us to increase exposure on the sources that result in applies, and decrease it from those that don’t. If you have the ability to do and/or have questions about how to obtain the conversion pixel code, please contact Upward support (

Option #2: Using Upward’s Hosted Apply And Posting Applicants To Your ATS via an API

Some companies have an ATS but their ATS may be older and not optimized to get maximum application conversion – especially on mobile devices. For these companies, it may make sense to set up a “host-and-post” integration between Upward and your ATS.

In this scenario, the job seeker would apply on Upward’s job application page (which is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices). Once the application is submitted, Upward “posts” it directly to your ATS in the background, so you see the applicant in your ATS as if they applied directly.

Setting this up requires a little bit of custom tech work, but we are happy to do it, subject to a requirement to buy a minimum amount of job posts. There are some ATS where we are able to use an existing API integration (TenStreet, for example), so the tech work can be minimal. If you would like to know more about this option, please contact our sales team at

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