Jump Start Your Sourcing With Candidate Invites


When you choose the Upward Post to promote your opening, we allow you to jump start your candidate sourcing efforts by inviting candidates from our job seeker database. Many recruiters find that some high quality candidates are “passive” job seekers, meaning they are not currently searching for new positions, but are open to new opportunities. Upward’s “Invite A Candidate” feature lets you tap into that passive pool of candidates.

How to Invite Candidates to Apply to Your Opening

After you choose the Upward Post* on the list of Job Sites to promote your job and complete the transaction, you will automatically be directed to a screen that allows you to invite candidates. We match your job title and location to resumes in our database, and return the best 25 matches. You will see a screen like this:

For each potential candidate, you see:

  • Name of Candidate: First name and last initial to protect the identity of the applicant. You will be able to see all their information when they apply to your job.
  • Work Experience: This will list recent roles (in chronological order) that the candidate has held, giving you insight into what this candidate could bring to your company.

From this list, you can select/de-select which candidates you would like to invite to apply to your opening. If you want to expand or narrow your candidate pool from the invite list, you can do so by changing the keywords that you would like to use to search our resume database. To do this, select the blue “edit” link above the candidate results. Then, type in the keyword(s) you are looking for on candidate resumes and hit search. The list will refresh with the new search terms.

After you select the list of candidates that you want to apply and hit submit, you will see a screen that shows the Invite message and the number of candidates that will receive this message. Once you hit “Invite Now” an email will be sent to the passive candidate, inviting them to view your job details and submit their resume for consideration.

Why Use Upward’s Invite to Apply Feature?

Inviting candidates to apply is just another feature that Upward offers so you can maximize the number and quality of candidates your job post receives. Our top reasons for using this feature include:

  • Get Candidates Quickly: Most employers want to hire someone ASAP, and by leveraging this feature, you can get some quality candidates within a few hours.
  • Increased Candidate Quality: You are not only allowing candidates to find you, but you increase your opportunities of finding a strong candidate when you see that someone has previous experience that meets your needs.

As noted by the “Beta” tag, this feature is new and we intend to continually refine it. In the future, we will allow you more options for searching and sending candidate invites, customizing the message you send and also sending the invite message via SMS or instant alert.

Ready to Get Started?

*NOTE: Invite a Candidate is only available when purchasing an Upward Post