What to Do About Hiring During the Holidays?

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“A seed today is a forest tomorrow”

Matshona Dhliwayo

It’s mid-December, the holidays are here, and you are in charge of hiring.

It’s easy to fall into the notion that December is a hiring desert, and that you may as well take a nap until January… but is that true?

Many hiring pros spend this time getting ready to succeed next year, planting seeds of their Q1 success. Will you be one of them?

What should you expect?

Hiring volume is definitely down in December. Depending on your industry, the decline in job posts and candidate flow could be as low as 20% or as much as 50%

A lot of candidates are less responsive during the holidays, as are some hiring managers. If you continue to be highly responsive during the Holiday period, you could get a leg up on your competitors.

What can you do to prep for a successful 2020?

Here are three specific December tips that can help you lay the foundation for 2020 hiring success.

1. Write new job descriptions or edit old ones:

Do you have new positions you will be hiring for in 2020? Are you expanding into new geographies? Do you feel like your job descriptions could use a refresh? This is a great time to write new descriptions or edit old ones. Don’t forget to write good titles that yield lots of applications and follow best

2. Ask your colleagues about their upcoming hiring needs:

This is a good time to email, call or drop by a colleague’s desk to ask them about their plan. Will they need to hire more next year? Do they need to put a pause on hiring? What will they need from you this upcoming year? The more you know, the better you will be able to help them.

3. Look to add or subtract hiring sources:

The sourcing landscape is constantly evolving. What were your most successful hiring sources last year? What sources were less effective? Are there new sources you want to try in 2020? Keep in mind that the best sources may vary depending on the type of position… you will likely success with different sources with hourly vs. management positions.

What is your favorite way to prepare for the upcoming year in December? Let us know in the comments?

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