Upward Flat Fee Pricing: How It Works


When choosing to post your open positions with Upward, you have the ability to control the number of job views it will receive from job seekers. With our flat fee pricing, you decide how much you want to spend to promote your opening and where it is distributed (which job sites). Instead of paying a high, fixed rate for a duration based job post, you can reach your applicants quickly while still staying within your budget. This provides you with the following advantages:

  1. Promoting a job with Upward does not require a large, upfront financial commitment! We know that trying a new source for job candidates can be anxiety inducing. Our flat-fee pricing is tailored to your needs, on your terms – it’s our goal to build a long-lasting partnership without the constraints of contracts/subscriptions.
  2. Unsure how much to spend? No problem. We encourage you to start with a smaller budget and then add more if there is a need for additional eyes on your posting. We suggest starting with $100 per job post, but you can go as low as $50 or as high as $500.
  3. You don’t need to spend the same on every opening. A lot of job sites charge you the same regardless of what the job is. If you are looking to hire many people for the same job (i.e. warehouse worker, delivery driver, team member) and you want more candidates, you might choose to set your flat fee higher (say $250) than if you only need to hire one person and are looking for a smaller pool of candidates (say $100).

Setting Your Flat Fee with Upward

After you create an account and enter the job details, you need to “sponsor” your post to get it in front of job seekers. Sponsoring involves choosing the amount you want to spend and choosing where (what job sites) you want the job to be posted.

Once you click “Sponsor,” you will be prompted with a screen that looks like this:

NOTE: Craiglist prices range from $10-75 based on the location. We do not mark up Craiglist prices, they are the same prices that Craiglist charges direct.

The “Upward” Job Post

The Upward flat fee price lets you adjust the amount of exposure you want your opening to receive. If you select the “+” or “-” buttons, the amount spent will increment by $50 and the corresponding number of job views adjusts.

When you choose “Upward” as the source for job posting, you are choosing to let us optimize your job distribution to get the best results. Upward.net has millions of job seekers search for jobs on our site and many receive email and SMS alerts when relevant jobs are posted. Your job is automatically included in those search results and job alerts. In addition, we send your job to over 100 other job sites across the Internet, increasing the exposure your job receives.

Sponsorship: More Info

Your job post is live on Upward for 30 days or until you have reached the maximum number of job views estimated. The posting will no longer be live depending on which outcome is reached first. 

If you still need candidates after your sponsorship has expired, you have the ability to re-post it. You can change the price point for more or less job views and even make the payments renew automatically if you will be hiring for this position often over longer periods of time.

Ready to Get Started?

See this post or more information on how to optimize job site distribution with Upward.